Gate Times & Entrances

There are entrances on both the West (Home) and East (Visitors) sides of Hughes Stadium. The Pass Gate is Located at the North (closed) end of Hughes Stadium and is for players, coaches and game staff only. Spectator gates will open 1 hour prior to kick-off (1 PM), pass gate will be open 90 minutes before kick-off (12:30 PM). Students will be required to show a student I.D and are subject to random breathalyzer testing.

Parking & Transportation

Hughes Stadium is located on Sutterville Road, just east of the corner of Freeport Blvd and Sutterville Road. $10 per car & $50 per RV/Bus will be charged for each vehicle. Parking is available in the North (including the Parking Garage) and South Lots. Entrance to stadium parking is off Sutterville Road between Hughes Stadium (football) and Union Stadium (baseball). The Sacramento City College parking lots will be open to spectators at 9:00 am on gameday the main entrance on Sutterville, Panther Parkway, only. Access through all other gates will be available at 12 noon.

  • Handicapped Parking: Handicapped parking is available in the North, South, and West Lots and the parking garage.
  • Access to the West Parking Lot for Vendors and Special Pass Holders Only will be allowed starting at 9am at the 12 Avenue entrance only.



Each school will have a designated tailgating spot in the West Lot for school-sanctioned tailgate party. Tailgating is permitted in other lots as long as it is confined to your parking space and does not interfere with parking procedures. Additional spaces for tailgating can be purchased for $10 each. In accordance with the Los Rios Community College District, guests may not consume alcohol in the parking lots or in their vehicles. No charcoal grills are permitted (gas grills only).

  • Alcohol Consumption: Sacramento City College is an alcohol free campus. Alcohol consumptions is prohibited. The Los Rios Police Department will confiscate all alcoholic beverages and/or cite those in violation of the Los Rios Community College ordinance.

Student Pick-up/Drop-Off

Guests may be dropped off / picked up in Staff Lot F (adjacent to the softball field) off of Sutterville Road.

Guest Seating

The Holy Bowl is a general admission event. Each guest is entitled to (1) seat with each paid admission. The “Home” team will sit on the West side of the stadium (press box side). The “Visitors” will sit on the East side of the stadium. Guests are not allowed to cross-over from side to side after 6:30 pm. Student Cheering Sections will occupy the area from the 40 to the 20 yard line on the South (open end) side of the stadium.

Disabled Guest Seating: There is an elevated platform seating area on both side of Hughes Stadium for Disabled Guest Seating. These areas can be access via elevator located on the ground floor of both the West and East side of the stadium (middle of the seating area). Only disabled guests and the rest of their party are allowed to sit in the elevated platform areas of Hughes Stadium.

Pop-up Tents/ Shade Structures

Are permitted as long as they do not obstruct the view of fellow guests. Event staff reserves the right to ask guests to remove their pop-up tents/shade structures at any time at their discretion.

Banners & Signs

Banners and signs may be hung at Hughes Stadium as long as they don’t interfere with the game in progress and/or obstruct the view of other guests. Banners/Signs cannot be attached to sticks or clubs. Banners may not contain political or commercial messages, display inappropriate phrases or words, and must conform to the CIF’s Pursuing Victory with Honor policies. Event staff reserves the right to remove any banner or sign at their discretion.

Media, Photography, and Broadcasts

For MEDIA access please contact the home team communications team at least 24 hours prior to event: Elizabeth Sands, Jesuit High School director of communications 530-320-8957

Photography will be limited to credentialed media with prior authorization and official team photographers.

Approval for BROADCAST on TV, radio, or internet must be approved by the “host” school (Home Team) no later than one week prior to game day.

Field Access

Only authorized personnel with proper credentials will be permitted on the field throughout the duration of the event. Any unauthorized person that travels onto the track and/or playing field without proper credentials will be removed from Hughes Stadium.

Prohibited Items

In the interest of guest safety and enjoyment, The Los Rios Community College District reserves the right to prevent certain items from being brought into Hughes Stadium. Items that are not allowed into Hughes Stadium include but not limited to:

  • Alcoholic Beverage, Illegal drugs or tobacco products
  • Outside food and/or drinks (Please note that sealed bottled water, baby food/formula and special dietary items are permitted)
  • Ice chests or hard-sided coolers (soft-sided coolers must fit under the bleachers). All bags are subject to search
  • Briefcases
  • Backpacks
  • Luggage of any kind
  • Computer bags
  • Camera bags   *credentialed media will be allowed but may be subject to inspection
  • Animals (except certified service animals)
  • Artificial Noisemakers (including bullhorns, cowbells, airhorns, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Cans, glass containers and Thermos bottles
  • Fireworks/smoke bombs

Code of Conduct

The Holy Bowl has been a long-standing tradition in Sacramento for over 40 years. The event showcases the Catholic beliefs and values that are at the foundation of both Christian Brothers and Jesuit High Schools. Behavior that models/supports these Catholic ideals is expected from all guests. Los Rios Community College District staff, school staff and law enforcement have the right to intervene at any time to provide a safe, family-oriented environment (conforms to CIF Pursuing Victory with Honor guidelines) for all guests to enjoy their football experience free from the following:

• Foul or abusive language or gestures
• Intoxication or other signs of impairment
• Displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting
• Obscene or indecent clothing
• Smoking or Tobacco Usage